January 12, 2017photo_angel_strittmatter.jpg

Roger Angel & Peter Strittmatter

In a context of village interest described in an introduction by villager Norm Scott, University of Arizona astronomers Roger Angel and Peter Strittmatter talked about new developments in solar energy, with particular focus on the products made at their company REhnu that concentrate sunlight with mirrors before it is used to produce electricity with photovoltaics. Three 8-mirror units like the one installed at the Green Valley Pecan Company could be used to power the village ASA building and heat the village swimming pool. There are descriptions and photos on the REhnu website. Technology created for astronomy is being applied to generate solar power at higher efficiency and lower cost.

February 11, 2016

Michael Rosenzweig
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

Embracing Nature: New Ecosystems for Tucson. Rosenzweig is the pioneer for "reconciliation ecology", the branch of ecology that "studies ways to encourge biodiversity in human-dominated ecosystems".  He says, by "designing our habitats while keeping the needs of wild species in mind, we can avoid mass extinction.  Communities in and around Tucson have very high diversities of native plants and animals.  This large variety makes it possible for us to be pioneers in the design of new ecosystems that will provide places for us to live and to share with other species".

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