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We welcome comments and input from all our visitors.  Email us at, or click 'Contact Us' above.

Academy Village residents: To protect privacy, this website does not show names or addresses of village residents.  If you would like to know where in the village a photo on this site was taken, or who in the village might help you with a question, email us and identify yourself, so we can recognize you as a village resident and respond in a neighborly manner.

This website is offered by and for residents of The Academy Village.  It is  from the SEC (Sustainability, Environment, and Conservation) Committee in the Village.  Members of the Landscaping Committee and the Open Space and Trails Committee also have made contributions. 
Special thanks to Mary Welch-Keesey, to Mike Maharry for technical support, to Beverly and Andy Robertson for the bird list, and to Deon Holt, Mary Welch-Keesey, Carol Poster, and Celeste Scholz for photographs.

Webmaster: Dan Angelo, Editor: Tom Jordan.