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There are times when we are rich in water, but these times are limited.  When it rains, we have to use or keep as much of it as we can - not let it get away.  The simplest way to do this is to have depressions in the ground to hold the water - basins, swales and berms.  Rain from roofs can be led to them.  Trees and shrubs can be planted where their roots can reach the water.  It usually takes just hours, not days, for the water to soak in and disappear.  The depressions can be big enough that routes for overflow are needed only for extraordinarily torrential rain. Depressions can be created with hardly any added effort or expense when the yard around a newly constructed home is graded. Read more here.

Several examples of water-retention depressions (swales)can be seen in the village. Here are some photos.

Further steps can be to store the rain water in rain barrels, or to take waste water from indoors to water plants outdoors.  These steps are less easy.  There are fewer examples of them in the village.

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